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  • Sno-guard Orange 4ft X 50ft

    SKU: 08101072 UPC: 010515190042 Model: 1014546
    This 4 ft. X 50 ft. Orange Sno-Guard is economical and has been used effectively in various commercial applications and settings such as: parking lots, airports, industrial facilities. This fence provides a highly visible and sturdy safety barrier. Lightweight, easy to erect as well as take down for storage.
  • Sno-guard Snow Fence 4x100 Orange

    SKU: 08107041 UPC: 010515191049
    Orange snow fence used for controlling drifting snow. Can also be used as a barrier or safety fence.
  • Snow And Sand Fence 5 Wire Natural 4ft X 50ft

    SKU: 08106998 UPC: 882755000326
    Versatile fence for snow, beach sand, plant protection from sun and wind, and temporary fencing for construction or crowd control. Cedar, Spruce or Hardwood lath strips woven together by 5 wires.
  • Snow And Sand Fence 5 Wire Red 4ft X 50ft

    SKU: 08106999 UPC: 882755000357
    Meets highway specifications. Pickets are 4 ft. tall, spaced 2 ft. apart. Pickets are 1-1/2 in. wide and 3/8 in. thick. Constructed with 5 cables of galvanized wire. Made in 50 ft. length rolls. Painted red.