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  • Audubon 3 In 1 Platform Feeder

    SKU: 06611288 UPC: 715000000000 Model: NAPLAT2
    The unique Audubon Platform Feeder features a screen base for proper drainage. Open-tray design provides an excellent view of birds eating at the feeder. This 3-in-1 version allows for hanging, post mount or ground platform feeding.
  • Classic Bird Feeder

    SKU: 10201800 UPC: 085199001007 Model: 152
    This classic redwood feeder offers easy feeding, complete with 2 full-length perches. Made from decay-resistant redwood, and can be hung or pole-mounted. Has squirrel-resistant hangers. Easily filled. Holds 3 pounds of seed.
  • Classic Design Redwood Bird Feeder

    SKU: 10201802 UPC: 085199023009 Model: 562
    Classic redwood feeder made from decay-resistant redwood. Easily filled and maintained. Can be hung or pole-mounted. Squirrel-resistant hangers. Large feeder holds 7 pounds of seed. Full-length perches make for easy feeding and bird watching.
  • Feathered Friend Bluebird Feeder

    SKU: 06638504 UPC: 739000000000 Model: 761332
    Feathered Friend bluebird feeder offers safe environment for bluebirds to eat meal worms, fruit.
  • Feathered Friend Fly Thru Bird Feeder Small

    SKU: 06614947 UPC: 739000000000 Model: 761297
    Wooden roof protect food from the elements. Metal bottom for excellent drainage to keep food dry. Attracts all species. Hang or pole mount.
  • Feathered Friend Hopper Bird Feeder - Small

    SKU: 06666957 UPC: 739000000000 Model: 761003
    Features full 3/4 in. native white pine, non-toxic brown stain, stainless steel hinges and easy- to- clean glass hoppers. 2 quart capacity. Birds can feed from both sides. Easy open top for quick filling. Includes 2 eyes to hang or pole mount for stability. Size is 9.71 in. high x 9.33 in. wide x 9.42 in. deep.
  • Feathered Friend Woodpecker Bird Feeder

    SKU: 06666955 UPC: 739000000000 Model: 761742
    Features 3/4 in. native white pine, stained with non-toxic brown stain, stainless steel hardware, easy open top for filling. Rough, grooved exterior provides gripping surface for woodpeckers. Hang and fill with Feathered Friend Woodpecker's Pick, sunflower or peanut hearts. Size is 15.89 in. high x 7.37 in. wide x 7.24 in. deep.
  • Gazebo Wood Bird Feeder

    SKU: 06613005 UPC: 718000000000 Model: 50129
    Multiport seed dispenser with Sure-lock Top. Hold 2lbs of favorite seed mix. Can be hung or post mounted.
  • Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder

    SKU: 06612983 UPC: 717816501729 Model: 50172
    Decorative wooden bird feeder resembling a mountain chapel. Holds 3.6lbs of seed. Natural design with gorgeous leaf print windows.